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Most companies have a huge blind spot when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of their own data.  By shining a spotlight on what's wrong and missing, we can radically improve lead scoring, predictive analytics and content alignment.  The result: Empowered marketing automation that can accelerate sales and increase revenue.

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How We Improve Your Database

10% of data goes bad every quarter. Let us help you keep your data clean and relevant.

Oceanos Data Cleanse and Append

For more than 13 years, we have diligently tested, analyzed and methodically benchmarked hundreds of data sources for our clients.  Each time, we've learned a little more.  Today, our process excels at isolating bad data and delivering accurate data appends with high match rates.

"The Oceanos Cloud Portal user interface is very clean and easy to navigate which was great. As far as the set up is concerned I have to admit I was surprised at how quick and painless that was, especially for someone who isn't overly tech-savvy. This is a great product and I know others will find it as useful as I did." Patricia Donahue, Marketing Technology Operations Specialist, PTC

Easy Integration

Our Cleanse and Append application lives on the Oceanos Cloud Portal and is designed to handle projects within Eloqua, Marketo and Excel. Reap all the sophistication of our solutions while running data on your own in real time. To learn more about integration, check the content below and register using the system of your choice.

"One-time data cleanses and list buys don't get you there. We are a firm believer in the Oceanos Data Optimization Cycle." Adam Needles, Chief Strategy Officer & Principal, ANNUITAS Users love Oceanos on G2 Crowd
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The core of Oceanos has always been our one-to-one advisory services. True to our roots, we invite you to work with us directly for any Data Cleanse and Append projects that may need deeper thinking or additional data points appended.

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Top 5 Reasons to do a Data Health Check

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