Find Opportunites with Trigger Event Intelligence



A global leader in high performance network infrastructure solutions, turned to Oceanos seeking a new way to identify potential sales-ready opportunities.


Oceanos developed a strategy to identify IT decision makers at organizations with network-focused technology projects in the pipeline.  The first challenge was to establish the named accounts, which served as the foundation of the program. To accomplish this, our research team analyzed business intelligence from several sources to identify trigger events connected to companies such as VC funding and new construction. With the accounts identified, the next step involved collaboration with the client to establish the audience definition. Once the ground work was in place, Oceanos procured the target contacts. This project included three data types: client-contributed, third party, and custom discovery. A portfolio approach to contact identification ensured a higher level of penetration within the named accounts. The custom discovery piece served to identify unique and less-fatigued contacts that were unavailable within the third party pools.

All acquired contact records were passed through our validation process to eliminate incorrect and misaligned data, as such records would provide no value to the sales team. Contact Valuation was then performed on the approved contacts to identify the top three contacts at each account. The contact with the highest valuation score was designated as the “lead.” These contact records were further decorated with unique attributes, including company firmagraphics, social media intelligence, and trigger events. Included in the valuation, these attributes prioritized opportunities and contacts. The final step involved mapping each contact to a business unit to facilitate seamless integration into the client’s CRM system and optimize sales engagement.


The discovered opportunities were routed directly to sales for BANT qualification. The primary contact designation provided sales with increased confidence and proved to be solid entry points. This unique approach to opportunity development improved the collaboration between sales and marketing. This campaign remains active today primarily due to its positive financial returns.

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