Getting Creative for List Impossible (MSP’s)


“Getting Creative for List Impossible (MSP’s)” - Lindsay Fraser, Director of Strategy and Operations at Oceanos


Have you ever tried to locate a complete listing of Managed Service Provider companies?  I sure have - and I was not successful.  Over the last few years I have had numerous clients request this information.  If you have ever tried to look for one of these lists yourself, you know that there is not a single “one stop shop” to pull this information.  At Oceanos we have tried every possible avenue to locate a list of these companies - SIC codes, specialty industry lists, everything short of making up the list ourselves!  There were several lists with partial coverage available, but not one single comprehensive list that provided a level of value appropriate for my clients.  It started to seem like an impossible task, which meant that it was time for us to get creative.

With guidance from the technology group at Oceanos, and with input from the client, we developed a five step process that utilized web search technologies to identify and score accounts.  Below is a brief outline of the process we developed. 


Step 1: Build Account Pool

A large set of companies were identified that aligned to a broad set of technology-related industry codes.  This step yielded 80,000 companies.  

Step 2:  Establish Key Words

Collaborated with the client to identify and weigh key words and phrases that one would expect to find on an MSP’s website.  For example, terms such as “managed service”, “cloud storage”, “back-up”, “disaster recovery”, “business continuity”, etc.

Step 3Website Scanning

The 80,000 accounts and key words were loaded into the Oceanos web search application.  The app scanned each company’s website for the presence of the key words, and then calculated the presence and frequency of each key word.  The results were tallied and each account received a score.  

Step 4:  Score and Prioritize

The 80,000 companies were ranked based on their score and the top accounts were provided to the client for review.  Sales approved, on average, 55% of the accounts.  

Step 5:  Identify Key Contacts

Contact discovery was then initiated on the approved accounts.  Target contacts were searched across a large network of third party databases along with web and social media discovery. 


Within the first three months, the client expanded their named account base by 30% and added over 6,000 brand new contacts to their house database.  The Marketing group put these prospects into a nurture campaign while Sales started the process of developing direct relationships.  By combining advisory experts with technology, the client’s pipeline was transformed, enabling them to reset their annualized revenue projections. 

All it took was a little innovation on our end, coupled with client feedback to customize the best strategy, all while getting them the information they desired.  Piece of cake!