Leveraging Social Media to Target Young Engineers


Connecting consumer demographic information to a business contact record has always been a challenge.  Recently, a fortune 500 Enterprise Client tasked us with segmenting engineers based on their likely age to support message testing. 

The two target groups were:  

  • Young Engineers:    Age 34 or Younger
  • Mature Engineers:   Age 35 or Older

In order to accomplish this objective, we first identified engineers within the client’s target industries to give us our pool of contacts.  Second, we overlaid social media intelligence, specifically including education, to these contacts.  This allowed us to identify their graduation year in most cases from both any undergraduate or graduate school. Lastly, we analyzed the date range associated with their bachelor degree.  Those who graduated during the years of 2003 to 2014 were considered the “Young Engineers”, with those who graduate 2002 or before being considered the “Mature Engineers”.  While this approach will not always be 100% accurate, it is a creative way of leveraging social media information to accomplish the task at hand.