Map the Buying Committee Within Named Accounts


Supercharge Predictive Analytics with Targeted Contact Data

Predictive Analytics is a highly strategic way for marketers to identify key accounts. By leveraging information on specific characteristics that makes an account valuable as a prospect, this model allows you to score accounts and decide who should be your primary target accounts. However, once the accounts are identified, how will you decide which contacts to market to? Oceanos has the solution. We accomplish this based on a one-two punch that includes Contact Gap Analysis and Contact Discovery.

Contact Gap Analysis provides the blueprint for the approach. This solution provides sales and marketing with direct visibility into the contacts they have, as well as those missing at each account. Once you visually see your coverage, you can see where you currently own contacts, and also where you are missing contacts. The goal here is to map the “Buying Committee” at each account so you have coverage in marketing to each contact whether they are an influencer, decision maker, or end user. Oceanos Contact Discovery then provides the missing contacts. With Oceanos, you are able to plug into a data hub yielding access to a diverse set of providers, including publisher, subscription, and crowd-sourced data. In addition, we also utilize our own technology to continually search the web and social media amassing contact intelligence and adding social attributes such as skills, certifications and group memberships.

To learn more, read our white paper by Oceanos President and Founder Brian Hession: Map The Buying Committee Within Named Accounts