Oceanos and The Big Willow Announce Technology Partnership

The Big Willow

The Big Willow integrates the Oceanos Contact API to enhance their buyer intent intelligence.

BOSTON, MA November 1, 2017 – Oceanos – a B2B technology, data, and advisory-services company that helps organizations design, implement, and optimize their contact data management strategies – has been integrated the Oceanos Contact API into its buyer Intent platform. The integration will enable The Big Willow to seamlessly marry intent-qualified opportunities with Oceanos contact data to accelerate engagement and revenue generation. 

Charlie Tarzian, founder and CEO of The Big Willow, stated, “Targeting prospects before the market even knows they exist provides our customers a first mover advantage.  With the Oceanos ContactAPI, we provide our users targeted contacts for intent-qualified opportunities that accelerates engagement.  With 15 years in the space, they’ve earned a stellar reputation and we’re thrilled to take this next step in our partnership.” 

Earlier this year Oceanos released both a Cleanse/Append and Contact API to support its growing portfolio of partner and CRM/MAP integrations.  “Delivering accurate contact data with the attributes needed to support ABM initiatives requires a blend of data expertise and custom built technologies” said Brian Hession, President and Founder of Oceanos. “Effectively delivering contact data via API requires a model that synthesizes multiple pre and post hygiene signals.  We’ve built a Data Quality Model that narrows the gap between machine-driven and manual list building.  Our pattern recognition algorithms will continue to advance the data quality models and significantly improve business results.”

About The Big Willow

The Big Willow buyer intent solution expands the ability to put the right offers in front of the right decision makers early in the Buying Journey – often before accounts are public with their buying intentions.  Its proprietary system analyzes both known accounts and discovers previously unknown prospects to deliver Intent Qualified Opportunities based on in-category content consumption across the web.  For more information visit www.thebigwillow.com.

About Oceanos

Oceanos is a B2B technology, data, and advisory services company that helps organizations cleanse, complete, and grow their contact database to support all types of demand generation.  The process is powered by the highest quality data and algorithms, leveraging multiple data sources, innovation, and strategic expertise.  Oceanos data solutions are accessible via API, multiple CRM/MAP, and directly via an advisor.  To learn more visit www.oceanosinc.com.