Oceanos Client Snapshot: Dassault


Name:  Alia Murphy

Company/ Title: Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS/ DraftSight Senior Brand Offer Marketing Manager

Years in the Industry: 4

Platforms Used:   Siebel, Neolane, Oracle


What is the best lesson you have learned as a Marketer? Know your audience. Using targeted marketing to provide users with content that is useful and relevant to them will strengthen the bond between them and your brand, and will return better results.

Where do you think the industry is headed? Consumers’ abilities to choose which marketing messages they want to receive will continue to grow, while marketers will have less power to reach them.

How has Oceanos helped bring your database or your marketing strategy to the next level? Oceanos’ services provide insight into our user base that could not be obtained through other marketing strategies. The more knowledge we have about our users, the better our ability to provide them with relevant content, and also to identify sales opportunities.