Oceanos Client Snapshot: Ipswitch


Name:  Zak Pines

Company/ Title: Ipswitch, Director of Marketing

Years in the Industry: 15

Platforms Used: We have a closed loop marketing platform encompassing:

  • SalesForce –“one source of truth” for  campaign/program reporting – acquisition, influence, conversion -- & MQI/MQL/SQL/Wins conversion rates and performance
  • Marketo – marketing automation
  • On24 – webinars,  live & on demand
  • SnapApp – surveys & interactive content
  • Demandbase – form optimization & data enrichment
  • Bizo – retargeting
  • Google AdWords- paid search


What did you learn in 2014? Was there a new concept that you think is here to stay? Funny enough, the new concept is really an old concept. Webinars continue to be a workhorse of our demand generation program. The difference vs. say 10 years ago though is the webinar program is targeted by buying stage (early stage prospects, mid stage prospects, customers) and we offer webinar content in a variety of formats. Repurposing webinar content onto topical mini-sites has been an effective way for us to engage our audience.

What will you be trying differently in 2015? Much more digital and interactive content. So in addition to creating PDF white papers, we’ll create interactive white papers, completely web based, with integrated surveys and calls to action. Because they are web-based they are much more engaging than documents and we can track, measure and even retarget from them.

What is the best lesson you have learned as a Marketer? It’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is to have your pulse on the results so you can course correct and either fix or drop things that aren’t working, and expand the things that are working.  

Where do you think the industry is headed? How would I describe it? Data-driven, digital, integrated, closed loop marketing is the now and the future.

How has Oceanos helped bring your database or your marketing strategy to the next level? Oceanos has been a key vendor for us in list acquisition to build targeted prospect lists which we use for integrated campaigns. I find Oceanos to be the right balance of accuracy and cost and I like that they aggregate across multiple list sources giving us a single preferred vendor to partner with.  


To follow Zak Pines, please follow his blog at www.MoneyballMarketer.com