Oceanos President Recognized as a Top Marketing Operations Leader

Marketing operations leaders you should know.

The Top Marketing Operations Leaders You Should Know

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Marketing Operations (MOPs) leaders are becoming power players in marketing. Being able to operationalize data, analytics and attribution is a key function to keep the revenue side of the business humming.

In this post, I want to recognize some of the top Marketing Operations leaders and practitioners out there. These are the people who are hard at work driving the revenue engines of their organizations. They constantly face new challenges and changes every day.

These are the people who are redefining what good MOPs looks like.

Some people on this list are very public-facing and known in the community, while others are purely heads-down operators. Some are authors and speakers, while others are reporters and analytics. They all are people you should get acquainted with, follow and know.

We’ve mentioned them all in The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics, and we’ve even highlighted many with interviews and quotes. Download it now to learn all about measuring ABM and connecting your marketing programs to revenue.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, I’ve done my best to include as many of the top Marketing Operations leaders around. These have demonstrated expertise, leaderships and contribution to the MOPs community. From data and workflow to analytics and attribution to systems and technology (and everything in between), this crew knows their stuff.

To compile the list, I’ve ask colleagues, friends and influencers in the space for their nomination, but I’m sure I’ve missed some. If you think I’ve left someone out that deserves to be on this list, tag them in the comments below.

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