Oceanos Releases Contact API

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Oceanos has announced the release of their first Contact API designed specifically for sales and marketing platforms.  This offering will enable its integration partners to access targeted contact records.  The API supports real time hygiene with multiple Oceanos hygiene partners and is available for immediate use.  The company will be announcing multiple integration partners in the coming weeks. 

“High quality contact data is imperative to the success of ABM.  Bad data is amplified within this environment and users will increasingly feel the pain as ABM begins to mature, “said Brian Hession, President & Founder at Oceanos.  “Historically, contact list building at Oceanos has been performed by a person providing a level of quality assurance.  With the explosive growth in MarTech you need to offer both approaches.  We feel the investments we have made in our data asset and free diagnostics reports will serve as a core differentiator.”