Oceanos Releases Industry First “ABM Usability Score”

Are your contacts ABM ready?

ABM users are quickly realizing traditional contact records simply don’t measure up to the demands of ABM.  The Oceanos ‘ABM Usability Score’  prioritizes contact records that are ABM-ready.

Oceanos announces the release of an “ABM Usability Score” to help its client improve the results of their Account-Based initiatives.  Contacts with a high score provide users greater confidence to run multi-step “plays” to increase engagement and accelerate returns.

The “plays” that ABM platforms offer their users requires a different set of attributes and validation that extends beyond record accuracy, said Brian Hession, President & Founder of Oceanos.  “The ‘ABM Usability Score’ builds upon our Data Quality Score (DQS) helping sales and marketers source contacts that are better suited for ABM”.