At Oceanos, we understand why the game is determined at the top of the funnel. Most companies pin their data acquisition needs on a few of the well-known providers. This is understandable since they provide access to millions of contact records and the logistics of managing more vendors taxes your internal resources.

Many of these providers are our partners and we strongly advocate their value in a demand creation strategy. However, our analysis reveals that their combined reach is typically half of a client’s target audience. In addition, their easy access leads to the contact residing in both yours and your competitor’s database. As a result, it’s clear that the company that most effectively nurtures the other 50% will win the battle.

We advocate a contact discovery strategy that includes a portfolio of data providers along with custom data discovery techniques. At Oceanos, we seek to combine pieces of data from a multitude of sources to produce a custom data asset that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

The process starts with a clear understanding of your audience definition, intended data application and overall demand creation objectives. We highly recommend running a Contact Gap Analysis to understand where the holes are in your database. Then architect a data strategy that encompasses a myriad of discovery sources, including perpetual data providers, publishers, web and social media mining to close the most strategic gaps first. The ability to weave together data from various sources to produce a custom asset is the recipe for success.

Interested in understanding what percent of your target audience is present within your database? Drop me a note and we'll figure it out together.